Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chuckee Cheese Please!

Samuel got to the spend a weekend in Irwinton a few weeks ago because David and I were working a retreat in Dooly County. Samuel always has fun at his grandparents house, and it seems to take him a few days to recover after being there. His grandma spoils him rotten! But we love it! Well this particular weekend he was spoiled by all of his family. Uncle Matt and Lala came to visit on Thursday, Grandpa came home from Africa on Friday, Uncle Daniel and JenJen took him to Chuckee Cheese on Saturday, and Uncle Josh's girlfriend was gone for the weekend so that gave them a lot more time together. David and I are blessed to have family that is involved in Samuel's life. We don't have pictures of all the visits, but here are some from Daniel when Samuel was with him.

Uncle Daniel and Samuel both climbed through the tubes and went down the big slide.

Playing a video game.

Talking on the phone, which Samuel is getting very good at!

Samuel's Aunt Jennifer took him to see Chuckee.

Samuel loves pizza, and so does Daniel!

Dancing on the dance floor.

Samuel riding on a horse.

This video is too cute! Samuel loves to dance!


We have been so busy lately that I have not gotten around to posting any new blogs. David finished up his spring semester in seminary and is now spending this week in Orlando for a summer class. It seems that we have hit the ground running for the summer and we won't have any breaks until September! David finished his classes on Friday, and by that afternoon we both headed to the houses of our different families for our brothers' Saturday graduations. David will have to post a blog later for his brother's graduation in Acworth, but here are some pictures from my brother's big day in Irwinton. Unfortunately David and Shalah couldn't be there, but we had a good day anyways.