Monday, April 14, 2008


Our family often enjoys a meal that we like to call "brinner", breakfast for dinner. If we have pancakes I cook, and if its waffles or eggs David does it. Well tonight we decided to have pancakes, so I then went to the kitchen to get brinner started. Only after a few moments of being in the kitchen, Samuel joined me. Thanks to Grandma, he loves to cook! He even walks around our house with a kitchen spoon pretending to stir food and then feed it to everyone in the room. It is adorable! Generally I sit him on our counter top and let him help with what we are doing. So tonight I let him stir the pancake mix as I cooked them. Here are a few pictures that David got with our little chef in action!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Polls are Closed

Well the polls are closed and the verdict is in. We are having a girl! We are both very excited and nervous. Girls are so different from boys! David is so pumped; he even wore a pink shirt to the sonogram appointment. I think that he is having visions of little princess tiaras already. I on the other hand am a little more nervous. I was a spitfire growing up, and it is a miracle that my mother didn't give me away! I want to be as good as a mother to our daughter as mine was to me. Samuel isn't really sure about what is going on. He points to my belly when we ask him where the baby is. Now he likes to pull my shirt up and blow on it, and tickle it. So we say that she is laughing while her big brother tickles her. The pregnancy seems to be going well, thanks to many peoples prayers. We did have a little scare with my thyroid and some extra protein. The doctors, however, are staying on top of it all. David has even gotten to feel her kick some. Pregnancy is such a miracle, and we are so blessed to be able to experience this for a second time! Due to discretion, we decided to only put up the body shot...haha Below is an image from the sonogram.

Too Young for This Much Technology!

I was recently at the computer downloading pictures from our digital cameras to the computer, when Samuel decided to join me. He is so intrigued by the computer and all of its components...keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc. I tried showing him the pictures through a slide show, but he wanted to play instead. So I pulled up paint shop to let him play around in hopes that he would ignore the keyboard. He generally likes to run his fingers up and down the rows of keys, often causing some program to open or close. He has even learned how to turn off his grandmother's laptop! We had not been at the computer long before he saw my cell phone sitting on the desk near the mouse. It would not do to only play on the computer. He now felt the need to "talk" on the phone as well. Fortunately David was there to take some pictures. Below are a few. I am afraid to say that my son may know how to do more with technology than I do!

Of course he is saying, "cheese" for the photo op!

You can see that Samuel is clicking the mouse!

Samuel is probably thinking, "Just hand me the camera daddy, I can take a better shot!"

Easter Celebration

We were so excited that our little church decided to do an Easter Egg hunt. We had a great turn out, but even more importantly we had the opportunity to share the message of Jesus to un-churched children. David and I had a very enjoyable weekend as we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord with Samuel. Here are some pictures from the Easter egg hunt and Easter morning.