Friday, January 18, 2008

Naps are not a time for sleeping!

This morning we heard Samuel in his room squealing and playing around during his morning nap(which are just about pointless these days!). So we decided to get him up since he had been in there for around an hour. David was supposed to get him, but instead came and got me to come look into Samuel's room. We quickly decided to get the camera just in case it was something we would want to document. The hilarious thing about this video is that we have no clue what he was doing or how long he had been like this, not to mention how still he was being! Hope you get atleast a chuckle out of this and please excuse the shakiness of the camera!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frighful! But still we must go and check it out!

For the past few days the weather channels have been saying that we were going to get some nasty weather, a wintery mix. However, around 4:30 we got snow! David and I threw on warm clothes and ran outside into it. I must admit that snow was a lot more fun when I was little, but still it was nice to see white! Once Samuel woke up from his nap we bundled him up and went outside for a little bit. He was more hungry than anything, so the snow on the ground was not very impressive to him. However, the falling snow was fun to run in. Here are a few pictures from this evening. Hopefully we will be able to take some more tomorrow if the snow makes it through the night!

It wasn't enough for a big snowball, but there is always the possiblility of tomorrow!

Samuel's 15 month checkup

Samuel went January 7 for his 15 month checkup. The doctor said that everything looked good physically and he seems to be right where he is supposed to be mentally. He weighed 25 lbs and was 33 inches long. This made David very happy because he is still tall for his age! Maybe my short genes won't mess to up his tall genes! Samuel is really developing a personality. He is very silly and is beginning to use his imagination. We have recently discovered that he loves match box cars. Ma Pat had some that he first showed interest in, so we decided to buy him some. Well lets just say that when it came time for his nap, he was not too pleased to have to put them up. So today we bought him a small Thomas the Train backpack to put them in, even that made him upset at bedtime to put them away! From what I understand, his Grandpa was quite the collector, so maybe it runs in his blood. Samuel has picked up some new words lately as well. Thanks to Mimi, he can say "cracker", "cheese", and "banana"; and Grandma has taught him to throw kisses. Thank you to all who pray for us, we could not raise such a wonderful son if it weren't for the support and prayers of our friends and family!


We are very happy to announce that our family of three will soon be a family of four! That's right, we are having another baby! We are very excited about this time in our lives. With Samuel turning a year old in October, we felt that we were ready to begin to plan for our second. The baby should come around July 28. Everything seems to be going fine and we will know in about one more month what the sex will be, if we decide to take that route. I must say that I am more sick with this one than I was with Samuel, but I know that in the end it is worth it. Please continue to pray for our family as it grows, as well as the extended family. It has been not quite five months since my little nephew Noah died, so this is going to a sensitive time for everyone as well as a joyous. Pray that we may still be able to rejoice in the Lord at the miracles of life that He gives.

These are the first sonogram pictures taken around 8 weeks. The bottom picture shows the heart rate and its location.

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas season this year. As usual, David couldn't wait until Christmas morning to give out our presents, so we did it a week early! This actually worked out well since we were not at home for Christmas. Samuel got a tricycle, which he is too little for so we push him around on it for now. But he loves it!! David got to participate in giving Communion at Acworth UMC at their Christmas Eve service. Everyone was a little sad that Dixon could not make it, but it was good for the family to maintain some consistency through out his illness. On Christmas day we visited with David's family for a while and then we were off to Irwinton for the rest of the day. We are so blessed to have loving families, so we really enjoyed the day!

This is Samuel walking out Christmas morning to see if anything was left for him under the tree!

Of course he had been a good boy, so he found himself playing with a new indoor gym set.

Samuel still is a little young to know what is going on, so his daddy helped him unload his stocking.

Some days it just doesn't get any better than getting the attention of your uncles! Uncle Daniel helped Samuel have a wonderful day by doing the best thing, just giving him playtime together.

Family time is the best!

A Day at the Tennessee Aquarium

I think that we had the most fun visiting with the penguins!

Samuel and his daddy always have a lot of fun together. I think that this picture really portrays the silliness that goes on at our house. David seems to have not forgotten how to be a kid at all when it is time to play. We had a wonderful time at the aquarium, and look forward to many more years of going. Who knows, in a few years Samuel may have to tell David and myself what we are looking at!