Monday, October 6, 2008

Going After the Goal

What keeps us from achieving our goals? Is it not having enough time in the day, or becoming complacent with the day-to-day activities so much that we forget about them? Or are you like me, and find yourself afraid to take the first step to make it happen because of the uncertainty of what might happen...mostly of the possibility of failure. I have been attending a Curves 6 Week Boot Camp intensive exercise class. I apprehensively went the first day and had my body measured and weighed. Being the mother of two (one of which is fresh out of the womb!), you can only imagine how mortifying this was for me! After having Samuel, and then having trouble with my thyroid, I never lost THAT baby weight. So here I was faced head on with my biggest fear ever, failure. My biggest fear of becoming pregnant again was not having two small children, but dealing with the pride of knowing that I was going to gain even more weight. I became so dissatisfied with myself and my body that it affected every aspect of my being. Sure I had made goals to lose weight, and to become a happier person in general. But lets face it, I was all alone. In this feeling of loneliness, I only separated myself from my family and even worse, God. This was certainly a formula that would set me up for failure. However, through searching and the Lord reawakening of my spirit, I found myself in a place of desperation. A desperation to become the woman that God created me to be. I began this six weeks afraid of the much weight would I lose? But I have gained so much more than I ever thought possible. I am so thrilled to say that I have lost all of the weight gained with Emma! I have set a goal of losing 10 lbs by the end of this, and I intend to reach it! It will take work and dedication, especially to healthy eating. But nothing comes without a cost. We must decide if the cost is worth reaching our end destination. My biggest transformation however, has been mentally. I have learned to set long term goals, and temporary ones that will help me reach the long term ones. Life is so precious, a true gift. God lavishes his children with gifts and goodness, but if we aren't in a place mentally to receive it, then we miss out. Its amazing the revelations that we receive when we get our head in the game and keep playing. It is too easy to decide to "sit it out" because we are intimidated by the desires of our heart. But there is hope! God gives us the abilities that we need to pursue Him(when we align our hearts to His) and His desires. Go after God and be willing to do a little work, and watch your goals being reached...even if it is one day at the time!