Saturday, September 29, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

This is Samuel at his first Easter Egg Hunt in Irwinton. He spent his time around this one Easter Egg!!

Mother's Reflections

As you know, Samuel is four days away from his first birthday! I can hardly believe the difference that one year's time can make. David and I have learned to laugh more, complain less, cherish life, and most importantly...pray together!! Our little boy is no longer crying in the night because he is hungry, or struggling to simply hold his head up. Just today he stood alone in the kitchen for several seconds before sitting himself back down. He calls out "mama" and "dada", and then motions to us with his hands to "come here". My baby is no longer a baby, but has quickly become a toddler. If simple human nature can change a person in such a small time, to be able to be completely dependent to becoming independent, then how much more can our Heavenly Father change within us?! Sometimes I feel as though I am making no changes at all. But when I stop and think about pursuing the Lord, a day does not go by without a little change. Sometimes it as visible as seeing my son give his first high five, but other times it can be found in the subtlety of his understanding visual pictures in his book. Then you realize one day that the dog does make a "woof, woof" sound, and that the cow goes "moo". Life is constantly changing, and when we allow the Lord to do in us a new work we grow and mature just as my almost, one year old son is doing. Growing up can be hard, but it also can be good. As we grow with God, it is important to press into the Goodness of who He is, as He delights over us!

Monday, September 24, 2007

In the arms of a Master

As I was getting ready for bed tonight, I really felt pressed upon my heart to write this new blog. I was driving around today and began to think about Paul, from the Bible. He begins many of his letters stating that he has become a bondservant to Christ. This means that he has willingly submitted himself to God adn his authority. How often in our prayer lives and Christian walk do we not allow God to be our Master? It is easy, atleast for me, to say you can be Lord in my life, but not OF my life. When I truly think about this concept, I realize that I do not exuberate the life of a true bondservant to their master. I often want things to be my way and do not trust the gentle leading of my Savior. To really go deeper with the Lord, I must allow Him to be what I say that He is...God, Master, Savior, Friend, Lover. It is hard to be submissive and totally subject yourself to someone or something. But would it not be better for it to be to God, instead of to our jobs, television, debt, or anything else. Paul knew that without God, he was nothing, even if he did not always understand what the Lord was doing. I must go deeper in the Lord so that I can fully trust Him as my Master. I need to have the understanding that when I subject myself to Him, its not just part of the time, or some of the time, it is all of the time...even if I don't like what He is doing. The good thing is that He is all knowing and what better place for me to be, than in the arms of a loving and just Master.

Simple thoughts for today

As I think about the past year and all that it has brought, I am amazed at each of us have grown. David completed his first few classes of seminary, and even taught a year of Spanish. He took his first appointment at a Methodist church in GA, and is doing a great job. Every Sunday the Lord seems to take him to a new place in preaching. It is so exciting to see the changes from week to week. Samuel has done a lot in the past year as well. He went from sleeping all day, to not wanting to take any naps! He is learning to feed himself, but yet still wants to be our baby. He went from barely rolling over, to crawling and cruising everywhere. His cries are becoming gibberish which are beginning to take the form of words. A hug or kiss that he gives now is not out of imitation, but out of love for the one whom receives it. Books are no longer just empty pages, but now they have shapes, colors, and sounds. My little guy is such a profound teacher in the most simplistic ways. Small things are so amazing, like laughter or clapping your hands. He doesn't know about the newest technological advances that seem to cause us to forget about the simple things in life. He is a reminder of the joy that comes when someone just calls out your name. I am reminded of the joy that Christians should take in hearing the Lord simply call out to them. As I become older it is easy for me to forget the sheer pleasure in being pursued and loved by the Creator of the Universe. My son constantly reminds me that God is a loving Father, who knows what is best for me. This is easy to forget as I deal with the whys? and how comes? that life may bring. It is difficult to trust God all of the time, and to believe that prayers make a difference. My family is experiencing this all to well. With a sick father-in-law, and a deceased nephew, it seems that God is not always listening. Quickly I have to rebuke such thoughts, for I know that my God is a good God, and His ways are higher than mine. But even more than that, I know that we do not live in a perfect world, and sometimes things such as death seem to be the best answer. In fallen world, this idea would seem to be heartless and a cope out, but as a Christian there is hope for I see only dimly. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe that it helps us learn about God, who He is, what His heart yearns for, and even how it breaks when He has been rejected. I am reminded of the story of David, a man after God's own heart. Because of sin, even this righteous man suffered. The closer we become to God doesn't mean that we will get a "get out of jail" card for suffering, it just makes it easier to understand the Lord and move on from whatever may be hurting us. I am reminded of the prophets in the Old Testament, time and time again they cried out to the Lord on behalf of there city. Prayer changes things but we may not fully know what we are having to pray against. An angel was on his way to visit Daniel, but it was 23 days until he could reach him because of the stronghold that was over the city. I can sit in my own self pity and be offended when the Lord does not answer me the way that I wish or thought was best, or I can trust His goodness and continue to press into Him so that I may know Him more. I pray that the fullness of God would be revealed to you, and that you might know how high, how wide, how long, and how deep His love is for you. Keep praying and keep seeking, for you never know how full the bowl of intercession is before it becomes so full that it overflows!

FUN in the SUN

Samuel really enjoys the swimming pool! This was in July and it was a HOT day!!

We went to the beach around the end of May. Samuel enjoyed being held more than the sand or the water! Maybe next year he will actually let us put him down on the beach! Regardless, I love to hold him. David took these pictures.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Paternal Grandparents: Papa and Nana

Samuel enjoys spending time with his grandparents and great grandparents. They all do a wonderful job in spoiling him and helping us out. We are so thankful for all of them. The pictures below are of Samuel with his Papa and Nana (David's parents). Dixon just recently celebrated his 51st birthday, so we all celebrated together.

This is a four, generational picture. Pop(David's Grandfather), Nana(David's mother), Daddy(David), and Samuel. Each generation offers Samuel so many blessings, we couldn't ask for more!

This is Papa with his children, grandchild, and niece. We were happy that everyone could make it to the party. Papa was especially glad to see Samuel! Nana also loves it when she gets to spend time with Samuel. She dotes on him as if he was the best thing ever!! Of course, we think that he is!

This photograph was actually taken at our house about a month ago. Papa and Samuel play together with his walking cane. This way Papa can play with Samuel and doesn't need any help!

Flying High

This first picture of Samuel was taken on June 27. The others were taken in September. We can hardly believe the difference in just a few months. One thing is for certain. He does like to swing! He has gotten old enough now that he can really get some air! Every now and then he will even give a high five, but as you can tell he still gets nervous a little bit.

Now that is a child who is enjoying himself! He laughed as we made faces at him while he was swinging.
Samuel is such a loving child, and always smiles. He enjoys life and is teaching us to savor the good moments. God uses Samuel in so many ways already.

Samuel at Hunter's Birthday party at the petting zoo

Samuel loves to play with his daddy and was happy to have the company on his first see-saw ride!
Samuel made some new big, boy friends. But he still likes to have his daddy around.
Samuel thinks that he is a big boy, but it looks like we might still have a little more time with him as our baby!
Samuel is a good climber and will be walking very soon!
Samuel loves his new cat Oliver, but he isn't sure about the big goats yet!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Samuel at the church playground

We took Samuel to the playground at the church. It felt like a nice Fall day and Samuel really enjoyed himself.
Samuel is really at a stage of discovery. It is amazing to see God's graces and mercies through such a special person.

Samuel in action! He is crawling after his daddy stepped away to get our new pet Oliver. Samuel loves his daddy!

We love this picture! There is so much love in his big, blue eyes!