Saturday, October 6, 2007

Samuel's Super Dad

I knew that when I married David he was amazing. He has continued to show that throughout our two years of marriage. He helps me around the house with cooking, cleaning, and anything else that I may need. Lately he has done an all time high of good work. I have been sick with a thyroid disorder that has made the simple tasks in my life very exhaustive and he has been there for every step. He has filled in for me with Samuel so much, and made it so that he never knew that mama was sick. David has always been very helpful with Samuel in changing diapers, bathing, feeding, playing, and anything else that you can think of while being a full-time seminarian, pastoring a church, and being a husband! I have been feeling much better these past few days, but David still insists on helping with Samuel. We were getting Samuel ready for bed by giving him his nightly milk. I was going to clip his nails, but David offered to do it instead. This is a task that even the best moms struggle with. So below are pictures of Samuel's Super dad clipping his nails!

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Grandma said...

You are right! Samuel has been blessed with a wonderful daddy. We are thankful he is a part of our family! By the way, Samuel has a super mom too!