Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Samuel goes to the Circus

Samuel's Uncle Daniel and Aunt Jennifer (Jen Jen) took Samuel to the circus a few weekends ago. We finally were able to get some pictures up on the blog. They said that Samuel had a great time. He especially liked the animals...and the cotton candy!! He came home with a clown hat, t-shirt, and an adorable elephant cup. Enjoy the pictures below!

This was waiting to go to the circus!

This seat is actually where fire wood goes. However, Uncle Daniel told Samuel that it could be his seat, so that is where Samuel wanted to sit the rest of the evening!

Finally, at the circus!

On behalf of Elephant the stuffed animal, I had to put this picture up. Samuel did a lot of pointing and a lot of clapping at all the different things going on in the arena.

This is a cute picture! They went with some friends from the area. So not only was it a great day at the circus, but Samuel got to make a new friend! It was a great idea that Samuel's aunt and uncle had to take him there. And we know that he will enjoy more times like that to come!


Grandma said...

That's one spoiled little boy! So much fun!

Aunt Linda said...

I would like to add to the comment 'one spoiled little boy'. He is also very blessed to have so many people love him. I thoroughly enjoy reading about all the 'fun' he is into these days. I love you little man...Aunt Linda