Sunday, August 3, 2008

First Family Outing

So today got off to a rough start. Samuel has been cutting two canine teeth which have made him completely miserable. Needless to say, this morning he only wanted his daddy and would not have anything to do with me and Emma, his Uncle Josh, or Grace. This was not good because David has church and cannot carry Samuel around with him, which he just cried anyways! We laid him down for a nap around 10:30am (atleast 3 hours ahead of normal) and he fell right to sleep. So we did not make it to church and I had to take off Emma's dress from Costa Rica that her Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Daniel got for her so that it wouldn't get messed up in hopes that she will make her debut at Mt. Pleasant UMC wearing it next week. Fortunately a couple from the church brought us pizza, soda (which I seem to be living off of these days!), and dessert for lunch! Samuel did better once he woke up from his nap and things seemed to be getting better as the day progressed. This led us to decide to go to the park together as a family. This is the first place that we have gone as a family, and Emma's first real outing. She cried all the way to the playground (10 minute drive), which surprised me because she has done very well in the car. Turns out that she has a stinky diaper that I did not realize until we were already away from the car! As soon as I finished changing her, David ask for a new diaper for Samuel because he too had a stinky diaper! We decided to go to a new playground due to the crowd that the current one had. It ended up being a good move and we had a great time. Samuel loves his Uncle Josh and Grace and they did a great job playing with him. These are some pictures from today.


Grandma said...

Ah, I wish I had been there! Looks like fun!

Derek & Lindsey Mills said...

Congrats on baby Emma! She is beautiful!!! We are so happy for y'all! I hope everything is going smooth(as it can be). Ha!