Sunday, September 7, 2008

It is amazing how busy two kids can make you! I remember feeling this way when I just had Samuel, now that I have two children, I think it is actually true! I am proud to say that showering is done on a daily basis (any mothers reading this know what I am talking about!), and at least two meals are being eaten a day. So I feel like I am making process. Emma is doing great. She is growing so quickly. She is beginning to hold her head up and really looking around. At about 5 weeks, she gave us a big smile and has been doing so since then! Samuel is cutting the last of his canine teeth, which is a relief for everyone! As we are getting close to his second birthday, he is talking in sentences (still hard to understand though...haha) and really putting together concepts. The cutest thing he does is say "hallelujah" and "praise the Lord". Unfortunately I don't have those on video yet, but I do have Samuel feeding his elephant a bottle. One afternoon I was feeding Emma, and he grabbed an old bottle and started feeding elephant, wiping him with a cloth, and even burped him! Below is a little video that we were able to get along with a few pictures.

You never know what kind of picture you might get to take at our house these days! Samuel loves to have fun!

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Amy Tarleton said...

Jessica! First of all, I had such an amazing time seeing you. So many prayers answered. I left so encouraged and remembering how blessed I truly am.
Second, your kids are too precious! I am so glad I can get to your blog so I can keep up with you easier. It will be fun to see the little ones grow too. I love you so much!