Sunday, November 2, 2008

Samuel turned 2!

Samuel's birthday (Oct. 3) was a fun day. No extended family was able to come up and we planned his party for a couple of weeks later, when everyone could come, so we made sure that we made it a special day. First he got his haircut (which I am glad that it is finally growing out some!), and then we got tatoos! After this we took his presents and lunch outside and he went "grocery shopping" for it. We laid his stuff throughout the drive-way and he would push his shopping cart around picking it all up. We had a picnic outside. We ended the day by watching a movie (Finding Nemo, I think)in the living room. However, he got up half way through and went to his room for bed...we were so surprised! On October 12, we baptized Emma and celebrated Samuel's birthday with the whole family. We were blessed to be able to have everyone make it. Papa(Bobby) did the baptism and Pop(Knox)helped. That will always be a special memory for both David and I.

This was on the day that Emma got Baptized.

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Grandma said...

Such a wonderful day that was!