Friday, January 9, 2009

Too Long, and too busy

So, after many have asked for the next posting to be put up, here it is. I have decided to not try to back track too much, because that would be to tedious obviously I don't have the time for that! Thanksgiving and Christmas were great. We had so much to be thankful for this year, and we remembered Dixon throughout the holidays. It will be one year since his death January 26. In some ways it is as if time has stood still, while yet time has flown. Emma is in the beginnings of eating baby food, which she is not crazy about at the moment. She is sitting up, and occasionally rolling over. She smiles a lot and has a wonderful temperament most of the time, but Samuel does know how to push her buttons. That and out of no where baby toys are fascinating to both Emma and Samuel. It is also a wonder at how fast a two year old can spin a 5 1/2 month old around in an exersaucer! Samuel is talking up a storm, and really beginning to process things in a more childlike way. The terrible twos has come with a vengeance on his poor toddler body, and he cannot always express himself in the most pleasant ways! He is refusing to use the toilet, although today he gloriously proclaimed that he did not want to wear "baby diapers" like his sister. He knows when he has to go, and so do hopefully this much awaited time is coming when he will use the toilet and not his diaper! David and I are great. We are currently training for a triathlon at Lake Lanier in June. It is called a sprint because it is not the iron man distance. However, it does require training, so we are getting excited about it. Well I don't want to overwhelm you with writing, and this is a quick way to get you up to speed. I hope to do better in the future! Enjoy the pictures, they are a mixture of holidays, our trip to Costa Rica, and just around the house. God bless!

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