Monday, July 6, 2009

Season Passes!

This past week my brother and girlfriend-in-law came up for a day visit and to pick up our old couch. We decided to take the kids to the Tennessee Aquarium, which we finally got season passes for! Samuel, as usual, enjoyed it and Emma was much more observant. We have a little trouble with Samuel in the butterfly garden because he tries to catch and squash the butterflies! Emma on the other hand is amazed watching them fly around. Samuel's favorite part is watching the penguins. He can tell us what is coming next in many of the exhibits now. It was nice to just have family time. We had a good time and I am glad that Josh and Grace took a day to come up!

Emma watching the butterflies!

Samuel finally (after many visits!) got brave enough to touch the water in the hands on part of the aquarium! The picture below is one that I got of Josh, Grace, and Samuel. Its the only picture that I have of her. Somehow we were the ones taking most of the pictures.

Samuel and Josh getting a close up of the fish!

Samuel with his new penguin(we bought it somewhere else and gave it to him at the aquarium! We saved $5!). Below are pictures of Samuel and Emma posing with the penguin statues. Emma was very amused at the creature that was her size! She was all smiles as usual.

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Ah, great pictures!