Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma!

Happy Birthday Emma! Emma turned one year old July 25. We celebrated with three different parties; two with family and one with our church. It is hard to believe that a year has already passed. She has changed and grown so much over the past year. Emma is now taking steps but gets to excited to really walk yet. She starts to walk but smiles and falls down. I think she is just being silly. I believe that she is very close to walking though. She can make the cutest lion sounds, as well as dog and cat noises. She loves baby dolls. She knows how to give them a pacifier and bottle! Emma also recognizes girly clothes in stores and cries for them! She loves to laugh and play with Samuel. Please don't think for a second that just because she is younger she gets pushed around. She is an instigator and hard headed. Therefore Samuel gets into a lot of trouble that she started and she can hold her own in a fight. She has four teeth, with four more very close to coming in. She is a biter! However, Emma is beautiful on the inside and out. She will stroke people's arms in the most loving way. She gives the sweetest kisses, and when she sees that it makes you happy she will give more. Emma is crazy about Samuel and very protective. She gets upset if he is hurt. Samuel does the same for her. She is drinking whole milk from sippy cups, and learning to feed herself. For her first year checkup everything looked great. She weighs 22lbs 7oz (75%) and is 31in long (+95%). Emma is healthy and making all of the right milestones. We are so thankful to have such a beautiful, little girl in our lives. I know that God has Emma right where she is supposed to be, and our family is better for it.

Emma around 2 1/2 months old.

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Grandma said...

Little Emma, I love you so much! You have a special place in my heart and I pray God blesses you with a long, healthy life. I also pray that you will be a blessing to Him and serve Him with that long life! You are so precious to me!