Monday, October 19, 2009


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This month has been passing by so quickly. It has been a while since I last blogged. I guess we have been adjusting to the changes in our lives, and trying to not dwell on the empty arms that we will have in April. With that said, our lives are continueing to be enriched by the children that we do have. Samuel turned 3 this month, and yes I will put up pictures in the next post, and Emma will turn 15 months at the end of the month. Samuel has already had his 3 year check up and everything looked great. He is 33lbs, which I cannot believe because he is so skinny, and 38 1/2in tall. He is a motor mouth! I have never seen a child talk so much! I am afraid to say that it must be genetic. He is in preschool three days a week to help him get some children interaction. He loves it. He asks to go see Ms. Tina, his teacher, and his friends. He is crazy about Emma, but loves to aggravate her! He is a very protective big brother, but I have noticed that he smiles now when I get onto Emma! He also has decided that he can tell her "no ma'am" as well. Emma is all girl and definitely packing an attitude. I love it! She is fiesty and does not mind telling you "no" as well as pointing her finger while doing it. I believe she has seen someone do that before. She has a sweet disposition and will smile at anyone. She is my snuggler of the two. Samuel will lay with me in the evenings to watch television, but she will snuggle up to me any time of the day. Emma is walking and running everywhere. She is a little different than Samuel in that she will roam around the house on her own, and play by herself. Both children are growing so fast! The pictures above are mostly of the kids or Emma playing with baby dolls. Emma will play with a doll for the longest time, wrapping it up in a blanket and then snuggling with it. One night they each had one and Samuel informed me that they were Alex and Ava, his new twin cousins. They were so cute playing together. I know that one day Samuel will not find this too funny, so I that is why I need to post it now! Oh, and Samuel can say three Bible verses right now, as well as sing a blessing for the food. Emma babbles through a round of "Twinkle Little Star", which is the cutest thing. I am hoping to post some videos soon. Thankfully, all is well in the Blackwood home. We are pursuing God with all that we have, for in Him is our hope and trust.


Grandma said...

Great blog! And the pics are just too cute!

Beverly said...

Samuel came by his motor mouth honestly. His father talked ALL THE TIME.