Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year

I cannot believe that I only did 5 posts last year!!!  I have been busy, but not that busy!  I won't waste a whole lot of time saying that I am going to do better.  I will try to do better this year.

I feel as though I have been walking in the wilderness since David and I first met.  I long to hear from the Lord for direction and purpose.  Yes, I know that being a wife and mother are fulfilling part of that purpose, but it does not satisfy all that is within my soul.  I must confess that I thought moving to Dalton would unveil some real big purpose in my life.  How unrealistic of me to put such expectations on moving or Dalton?!  Needless to say, very little has been revealed.  I have three of the sweetest children that a mother could ask for.  Samuel is tender and kind.  Emma is zealous and passionate.  Sophia is hungry (and I mean more than just belly hungry), tempered with patience.  All characteristics that I would love to have!  However, being their mother alone is not all that God has called me to be.  So how do I find that?  Is it in God's word alone?  Am I not hearing Him in the quiet places of my heart?  Do I even have any quiet places so that I can hear Him?  Being a wife of a pastor is no small task.  I have his burdens that I carry with him, 3 innocent souls to protect.  Do I really have time of my own?  I ask, all while knowing that I need time for myself, it is expected, it is necessary, and it is desired!  So, I am going to sort it out on here.  I hope that as I share with you about the children and their milestones, I will also make time to share with you what I have been graveling with in my own faith.  May this new year find you all blessed and filled with excitement for what the Lord has done, is doing, and going to do.


Rachael. said...

Girl you can do it! It's not an easy task. It may mean waking up early or spending time with God in the car while your driving. Sometimes i drive to just clear my head.... that might have to change now that gas is over $3.00 a gallon. However God does have a purpose for YOU. Pray while cooking dinner, or just go walk around Target when your hubby gets home. It's amazing how you will hear God in some of those places if your intentional!
Your a great momma and wife! Do something for YOU!

Armenia said...

You do have a purpose beyond your wonderful children. At one time, it was to help me sort through my guilt issues. You were there when I needed a friend that understood and still understands this mommy hood road. God can have a purpose for you every day, even with little things you do. I know its not easy to get a chance to read the Lords word or have quiet time, if that exists for us mommies ...LOL
Just as your friend that commented stated, pray over cooking dinner, or doing dishes or even in the shower (since that is somewhere we are always alone :-) )

mom said...

Ah, yes, motherhood! It does define you for a while but oh the things you learn! Use motherhood as a way to grow. Pray with your children, read the Bible to them and talk to them about the Lord. I know you already do that but I was amazed at how this helped me too! I picked up my guitar and made up songs. Learned some of the fun ones and y'all sang with me! As you teach, you will learn. Its just a different way than what you have known before. Find your quiet times soaking in a tub or as Rachael suggested, driving or taking a walk. Pick up your children and dance to the christian music and laugh! God will bless those times! Love you so much and you are doing a great job!