Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My babies are growing too fast!

I thought that I would give an update of the kids.  My parents got Samuel for a few days and the girls are taking a nap so I have some time to get a couple of blogs in!!  It is hard to believe that Samuel will be starting preschool next year, Emma is as independent and vibrant as ever, and Sophia just turned 6 months old!  Here is a little bit about what each of them like, don't like, or do.

*Samuel, my oldest, is not quite 4 1/2.  He is a sweetheart.  Samuel, though he can sometimes be mean to them, is very protective of his sisters.  He is crazy about them.  He is kind, compassionate, and very gracious.  Samuel is at a difficult age emotionally.  He is making the transition from being a little boy to a big boy.  I can see him working through in his mind what actions he should or should not do.  He loves to aggravate Emma.  It is his love language.  He also loves to give Emma and Sophia hugs and kisses.  I have the sweetest son, who is caring and loving.  He will say things like, "when I have kids they will stay at the church so I can preach," or "I can climb the wall like Superman."  He loves super heroes.  He can name them all, by super hero identity and their names.  He loves to play pretend more than anything, with costumes.  He doesn't play with any one particular toy.  He also loves to fish and play outside.  Samuel enjoys watching Scooby-doo.

*Emma, who is 2 1/2, is a ball of fire.  She is passionate, funny, and very smart.  Emma is a quick learner.  She picks up on a lot from Samuel.  She loves anything to do with a pink, glitter, and bows.  Emma and Samuel both play a lot of pretend games.  Emma will wear princess costumes.  She loves to have her nails painted.  She has learned most of her letters and numbers from Samuel.  Emma is very particular.  She prefers to pick out her own clothes, and sometimes her outfits are cuter than what I would pick out!  We endure several outfit changes throughout the day.  Emma loves to sing.  She still sucks her thumb, but I think that we will maybe be able to break that habit whenever she starts potty training.  Emma is smart enough to go, but I think that she likes to hold onto the last bit of "baby" that she has.  She loves to cuddle.  Emma smiles a lot.  She is more outgoing than Samuel.

*Sophia, 6 months, is the baby of the family.  She is growing too fast.  She can sit up, roll over, and pick up toys.  She is crazy about Samuel and Emma.  She could be crying her little heart out and if Samuel comes up to her she will stop.  He is always wanting to hold her and she loves it.  She smiles so big.  Sophia is a quiet and calm.  She doesn't get overly excited or overly upset.  She reminds me so much of Samuel when he was a baby.  Her hair is beginning to grow back in, though we are not sure what color it will be yet.  Just today she went up to on her knees.  I believe that she will be crawling within a month.  She can stand very good in an excersaucer.  Sophia is such a sweet tempered child.  She seems to be teething, but I don't see any apparent signs of the little whites coming in.  She loves to eat baby food, which is helping her get fuller.  She is in 12 month clothes.  I love this baby!

I am crazy about my children.  They are each so unique, but yet so obvious that they are a collaboration of David and my genes.  They love the Lord, and have lots of questions.  It is my joy to be able to answer them the best way that I can.  They are active and so full of life.  Everyday is an adventure that we share in, making new discoveries about God, life, love, science, and family.  What a joy to be able to walk with each other through it all.

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nancy said...

So glad to see you back blogging! I think this is a great outlet for you and those who read are always blessed by them.
And yes, these babies are growing up quickly! Don't blink or you will miss something! Love you!