Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mother's Reflections

As you know, Samuel is four days away from his first birthday! I can hardly believe the difference that one year's time can make. David and I have learned to laugh more, complain less, cherish life, and most importantly...pray together!! Our little boy is no longer crying in the night because he is hungry, or struggling to simply hold his head up. Just today he stood alone in the kitchen for several seconds before sitting himself back down. He calls out "mama" and "dada", and then motions to us with his hands to "come here". My baby is no longer a baby, but has quickly become a toddler. If simple human nature can change a person in such a small time, to be able to be completely dependent to becoming independent, then how much more can our Heavenly Father change within us?! Sometimes I feel as though I am making no changes at all. But when I stop and think about pursuing the Lord, a day does not go by without a little change. Sometimes it as visible as seeing my son give his first high five, but other times it can be found in the subtlety of his understanding visual pictures in his book. Then you realize one day that the dog does make a "woof, woof" sound, and that the cow goes "moo". Life is constantly changing, and when we allow the Lord to do in us a new work we grow and mature just as my almost, one year old son is doing. Growing up can be hard, but it also can be good. As we grow with God, it is important to press into the Goodness of who He is, as He delights over us!

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Grandma said...

Great analogy! You are right, growing up can have some bumps and bruises along the way. Both physically and spiritually. But, oh the joys and successes sure outweigh it all! Hopefully, we will learn from those times of pain in our lives! I love you!