Monday, September 24, 2007

In the arms of a Master

As I was getting ready for bed tonight, I really felt pressed upon my heart to write this new blog. I was driving around today and began to think about Paul, from the Bible. He begins many of his letters stating that he has become a bondservant to Christ. This means that he has willingly submitted himself to God adn his authority. How often in our prayer lives and Christian walk do we not allow God to be our Master? It is easy, atleast for me, to say you can be Lord in my life, but not OF my life. When I truly think about this concept, I realize that I do not exuberate the life of a true bondservant to their master. I often want things to be my way and do not trust the gentle leading of my Savior. To really go deeper with the Lord, I must allow Him to be what I say that He is...God, Master, Savior, Friend, Lover. It is hard to be submissive and totally subject yourself to someone or something. But would it not be better for it to be to God, instead of to our jobs, television, debt, or anything else. Paul knew that without God, he was nothing, even if he did not always understand what the Lord was doing. I must go deeper in the Lord so that I can fully trust Him as my Master. I need to have the understanding that when I subject myself to Him, its not just part of the time, or some of the time, it is all of the time...even if I don't like what He is doing. The good thing is that He is all knowing and what better place for me to be, than in the arms of a loving and just Master.