Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We are very happy to announce that our family of three will soon be a family of four! That's right, we are having another baby! We are very excited about this time in our lives. With Samuel turning a year old in October, we felt that we were ready to begin to plan for our second. The baby should come around July 28. Everything seems to be going fine and we will know in about one more month what the sex will be, if we decide to take that route. I must say that I am more sick with this one than I was with Samuel, but I know that in the end it is worth it. Please continue to pray for our family as it grows, as well as the extended family. It has been not quite five months since my little nephew Noah died, so this is going to a sensitive time for everyone as well as a joyous. Pray that we may still be able to rejoice in the Lord at the miracles of life that He gives.

These are the first sonogram pictures taken around 8 weeks. The bottom picture shows the heart rate and its location.


Grandma said...

so precious. the gift of life is such a miracle. i thank the Lord for all 3 of my grandchildren!

Liz said...

Jessica, Christian and I are so happy for you. I am not brave enough to try again yet I still need some more time. I still can't beleive that Natalie is 1 1/2 already. I hope things go smoothly and that the morning sickness goes away fast. Take care and if you need something just let us know.