Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frighful! But still we must go and check it out!

For the past few days the weather channels have been saying that we were going to get some nasty weather, a wintery mix. However, around 4:30 we got snow! David and I threw on warm clothes and ran outside into it. I must admit that snow was a lot more fun when I was little, but still it was nice to see white! Once Samuel woke up from his nap we bundled him up and went outside for a little bit. He was more hungry than anything, so the snow on the ground was not very impressive to him. However, the falling snow was fun to run in. Here are a few pictures from this evening. Hopefully we will be able to take some more tomorrow if the snow makes it through the night!

It wasn't enough for a big snowball, but there is always the possiblility of tomorrow!


Grandma said...

oh so cute! i wish i were there!

Grandma said...
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