Monday, February 23, 2009

Run Baby Run!

Most of you who are reading this probably are pretty impressed seeing the Gales each with a trophy. I am sorry to tell you that we did not earn these trophies from winning the Bobcat Ramble 5k this past weekend in Milledgeville. As a matter of fact, Daniel and I finished close to last. I never saw anyone cross the line after us! I have been working out for about 5 1/2 months now, but running has always been difficult for me. Josh on the other hand finished in 21 minutes, and Matt not to be undone by his younger sibling finished 6 minutes later and has not ran much since high school(that being 5 years ago). It was so much fun though for us to all get together and push ourselves be better physically. I think however that this run was better for me mentally. I have always played sports, but my brothers were always better than me. But this past Saturday that didn't seem to matter anymore, it was about us starting and completing something together. We all have had our struggles, what seems to be our on personal 5ks over the past few years. Daniel has had to endure a race that has the obstacle of losing a son, Matt knows the struggles of marrying young while trying to achieve his dreams, Josh has seen all of his siblings marry and move out of the house while still in middle school, and I have had my own bumps in the road. We never know what life may throw us, but if we aren't willing to try then we may not know what is at the end of the race. See on Saturday, Josh was able to be an encouragement and push Matt to be better and not give up. I don't know where I would have finished in the race on Saturday, but I wasn't going to leave Daniel behind. My race isn't about being the fastest (though I do wish I were faster!), but about enjoying the run. My brothers and I are all going at different speeds in life, but one thing is certain, we are all cheering each other along and will wait at the finish line to see each one through. As far as the picture above goes, we snuck those off the award table and snapped a photo(Daniel's idea by the way)! But there is so much truth in what you see, we are winners and we will finish this race triumphantly because our God is mighty and good!


Grandma said...

You are certainly all winners in my book! I know I'm the mom and I am supposed to say things like that, but I am proud of each one of you and know that God has wonderful plans for each of you!

Beverly said...


You always post the most positive, encouraging things! I enjoyed getting to know Josh and hope I have the same opportunities with the rest of your family. I'm very proud of you entering all these races.

Aunt Bebe

P.S. Love Scary Baby too.