Monday, February 16, 2009

This one is for my mom!

Well, I got a text today from my mama telling me that I needed to update my blog because she was tired of seeing everyone else have new postings and mine not! So here we go...Emma is now a little over six months. She weighs around 18lbs and is close to 28 inches long. This makes her in the 90th and 95th percentiles. I have compared her measurements and she is matching up to Samuel very closely. Samuel was a little heavier and she may be a tad longer. She is very interested in everything going on around her and loves to stand up. I can't even get her to eat her food if Samuel is in the room! She loves him, and he loves her. Below are some pictures that I took while David and I were cleaning our room. Emma was sitting on our bed and Samuel was playing around. We both turned around to see Samuel and Emma "hiding" under the laundry basket. This quickly turned into hair pulling and pushing. David and I cracked up because they are already fighting!

Samuel's imagination continues to amaze me. He is a clever little boy. He has recently learned how to turn off his CD player by moving his step stool from the bathroom and putting it by his dresser to climb on. Well today he was playing cowboy and horse with his daddy. He used his wipe box as a trough for David to drink out of. It was so cute that I had to get some pictures. With David's height, it is like riding a small pony!

Emma is doing a lot of teething right now, so everything goes in her mouth. She is chewing on a rasberry pacifier. Also, note her adorable Valentine's Day bracelet!

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Grandma said...

THANK YOU!! Those are sooo cute! I can hardly wait to see them playing together! I bet they will be close. Give them a big kiss and hug from their grandma!