Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Intentional Family Time

In one of David's classes at Asbury this semester, he is required to set goals for the church, his coursework, and for his family. I was thrilled when he came up with one of his goals for the family being "intentional family time." It is so easy for us to get busy with the kids and typical day to day stuff without really spending time together. So on our first "intentional" outing, we decided to go to state Park near the Tennessee state line. They had a beautiful waterfall and a little playground. We took a picnic and ate outside. It was a little cooler than we anticipated, but that wasn't a problem. We had a very enjoyable day, and it was nice to all be together with no need to be anywhere but together. Thanks for a great day David!

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Unk13 M4T7 said...

ok, after 2 years, i guess i'm finally going to comment. you guys look like you have way to much fun up there.