Friday, March 27, 2009


As I said in a previous blog, we are trying to cultivate a garden this year. Daddy bought Samuel a starter set and then had to come to Calhoun to help us till the ground. I got a couple of pictures of Samuel playing in the freshly stirred dirt with a shovel. Emma decided that she would just play with the grass. Too cute for dirt right now I guess! Also, we got Samuel a bird house so that he can watch the birds eat. David was working on seminary stuff, so good 'ole Grandpa (or PaPa) helped him hang it. We have a couple of birds that do come to it already, which is exciting! It is amazing how close God is to us even through nature. I guess just another nugget of God's goodness that He allows us to share in with Him.

This is the birdhouse that Samuel picked out from Wal-Mart for us to hang in our backyard.

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Grandma said...

Great pics! Samuel is learning so much!