Monday, April 6, 2009


For the past few days Samuel has asked for two things: to see his grandma, and to go to the ocean. Today he picked up my phone and asked to call "grandma", so of course I let him. Sometimes he is shy when he talks on the phone, while other times he is a chatter-box. Today, he was definitely in the mood to talk. He walked around the living room with the phone open, so that his grandma could "see" everything. First he tried to show her the birds eating at their birdhouse. He placed the phone on the seat next to him and both "looked" outside. Grandma graciously pretended to see everything that was going on! Then he sat down with the phone in his lap so that they could read a book together. At this point I knew that I needed to grab the camera! So here are a few pictures of Samuel with my cell phone, as he tries to show his grandma a couple of new books that he has gotten. The conversation (which is a word that Samuel is learning), ended with Samuel brushing his teeth, and me trying to get the phone away!

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Grandma said...

That sweet baby! I miss him! I am excited about seeing him this weekend. You be sure to let him call me anytime!