Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunday Picnics and Bubbles

This past Sunday we had a picnic after church in our yard. I love this time that we get to spend together as a family. Especially on a warm sunny day out in the yard. I tried to get some pictures of the kids playing. Samuel played with his bubbles while Emma did in the grass. Below are a few pictures of my attempt to get a sibling photo, as you can tell it was "real" sucessful! I believe that these times allow us to experience peace and joy in incomparable ways. "Sunday Picnics and Bubbles" sounds pretty simple, and that is what this Sunday was! Just good fun with the family!


Shelley said...

As usual your children look lovely and you seem to have such a peaceful life. Enjoy it now before friends and sports and so many other activities get in the way of those picnics and bubbles.

Grandma said...

Fun days, enjoy them! They go too quickly.