Monday, June 15, 2009

1:47:56! I beat my goal by 12 minutes!

June 6 I completed my first triathlon at Lake Lanier Islands. It was so invigorating and nerve racking! My stomach was in knots the whole week before as I tried to mentally prepare for the race. David and I spent a few days before with his grandparents in Monroe and then we spent Friday night at Lake Lanier. It was relaxing to be able to spend some time together without the kids because we both knew that are schedules were about to get crazy(which has started)! We woke up Saturday morning at 5:00am so that I could get my bike in a good transition spot. I was the first to get my bike in and I was able to get the spot that I had been dreaming about a couple of hours before! I was so nervous, but I finally began to calm down. Especially once my parents arrived and I could see them before the swim. The water was freezing, and I did not think that I was going to make it through the first part! I am a pretty good swimmer, but you could not tell that day! The thing that kept me going was the support team(David and my parents) that I could see up on the beach, and lots of praying. I made my way from the water and ran to get my bike. There I could hear David's mom yelling "go Jessica"! I needed a lot of encouragement. Somewhere towards the end of the bike ride, things seemed to click. I got into the groove of what I was doing and was able to finish strong. I did my best 5k time while doing the triathlon! Its amazing what our bodies can endure. Which reminds me, I was battling a terrible case of shin splints the entire week before. They were so bad that simply walking would be excruciating at times. We did a lot of praying...a lot of praying, and I had zero problems with them that day! Amazing, a true miracle! Below are some pictures of the big day; before my swim, my transition area, completion, my "tat", my new triathlete bumper stickers, and my loving family that was there to support me. This was the best birthday!

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Grandma said...

Jessica, you know we were so proud of you! You have made such great strides in being able to do what you have accomplished! What a great example you will be for your children!