Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Waiting-Yet another post that I have finally decided to share.

How many times have you sat and found yourself asking, "where is God?"  You may even feel a tinge of guilt for questioning such an omnipotent being and His sovereignty.  Maybe a question of where God is in your life is not your battle, but rather just a feeling of all together loneliness.  You feel as though God was never near you to begin with so why bother asking why He has left you alone.
I believe that it is okay to ask these hard questions.  God's sovereignty in not belittled by or innate character to ask questions.  God becoming fully human, knows our sorrows and battles.  So why then do we sometimes feel that we are left out in the dessert to fend for ourselves?  Every situation is different, but one constant remains.  God never leaves us, though He may sometimes be silent.  This week I have found myself asking for more of God.  I want to see His kingdom come down to my city.  I am asking for the flood gates of Heaven to be released on my church, on my city, and on my family.  I feel as though we have been out in the dessert feasting on the manna that has been provided, but I know that it is time to enter into the promised land.  God is waiting for us to be nurtured by the milk and honey that flows.  Sometimes we are asking where God is because we are not really looking for Him.  We know that the cost of finding God and following Him is great.  When we are in relationship with Him we are no longer allowed to be slaves to ourselves.  Our own burdens have become so familiar that we are scared of who we will become free from that yoke.  It seems like a crazy concept, but our God is radical and calls us into radical holiness.  Sometimes we cannot see or hear God because we are drowning out His voice with things from this world.  The promises of the Bible still stand today.  He loves us; He wants to be with us.

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