Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Too Young for This Much Technology!

I was recently at the computer downloading pictures from our digital cameras to the computer, when Samuel decided to join me. He is so intrigued by the computer and all of its components...keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc. I tried showing him the pictures through a slide show, but he wanted to play instead. So I pulled up paint shop to let him play around in hopes that he would ignore the keyboard. He generally likes to run his fingers up and down the rows of keys, often causing some program to open or close. He has even learned how to turn off his grandmother's laptop! We had not been at the computer long before he saw my cell phone sitting on the desk near the mouse. It would not do to only play on the computer. He now felt the need to "talk" on the phone as well. Fortunately David was there to take some pictures. Below are a few. I am afraid to say that my son may know how to do more with technology than I do!

Of course he is saying, "cheese" for the photo op!

You can see that Samuel is clicking the mouse!

Samuel is probably thinking, "Just hand me the camera daddy, I can take a better shot!"


Grandma said...

Following after his Uncle Daniel and Uncle Josh! Too cute!

Sabina said...

You write very well.