Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Polls are Closed

Well the polls are closed and the verdict is in. We are having a girl! We are both very excited and nervous. Girls are so different from boys! David is so pumped; he even wore a pink shirt to the sonogram appointment. I think that he is having visions of little princess tiaras already. I on the other hand am a little more nervous. I was a spitfire growing up, and it is a miracle that my mother didn't give me away! I want to be as good as a mother to our daughter as mine was to me. Samuel isn't really sure about what is going on. He points to my belly when we ask him where the baby is. Now he likes to pull my shirt up and blow on it, and tickle it. So we say that she is laughing while her big brother tickles her. The pregnancy seems to be going well, thanks to many peoples prayers. We did have a little scare with my thyroid and some extra protein. The doctors, however, are staying on top of it all. David has even gotten to feel her kick some. Pregnancy is such a miracle, and we are so blessed to be able to experience this for a second time! Due to discretion, we decided to only put up the body shot...haha Below is an image from the sonogram.


Susan said...

The Blog is Awesome! Now we can keep track of you all. Missing you bunches and hope to see you soon!
Love Uncle George and Aunt Susan

Grandma said...

So excited! You are right, it is such a blessing!