Tuesday, August 23, 2011

123, ABC

Samuel finished his second week of preschool today.  It is hard to believe that we are already at this stage in his life!  He was so excited the first week and a half.  He would come home and tell us very little about what he did each day.  It drove me crazy.  He has finally started talking more when he gets home, but now does not want to go in the mornings.  David has been taking him in the mornings because he does not cry like he does when I take him.  Sometimes we walk to and from school, and sometimes we take the car.  It is so nice to be able to have that option.  The weather has been beautiful lately, and I am hoping to start running/walking again as it continues to cool.

Samuel has learned some important things this past week.  So I will list them each below.

1.)  School comes five days a week, with Saturday and Sunday off!
2.)  It is hard to eat breakfast some mornings when you are nervous.
3.)  If you do not eat the lunch we send you, you have to eat cafeteria food.
4.)  Cafeteria food is okay.
5.)  Mom is going to ask everyday what I did in school.
6.)  By afternoon, I am tired and cranky.
7.)  I love afternoon snacks.
8.)  Some ethnecities are born with a natural ability to play soccer, and yes they will steal the ball by knocking you down.
9.)  Green smiley faces are the best.
10.)  Little girls, especially one named Wendy, may sometimes crush on you.

Number 10 Leads to the ABC's of having or being "crushed" on.

A.)  Girls can be friends with boys.
B.)  Girls like to chase boys and yell at them.
C.)  If a girl has a crush on you, you should ask her to hang out.
D.)  No, you cannot tell someone to not have a crush on you.
E.)  Yes, crushes will go away eventually.
F.)  No, you cannot "get the crush out of you" by doing something like jumping jacks.
G.)  One day, you will like the "crusher" back.

We have enjoyed watching Samuel grown into such a sweet loving boy.  He is kind and compassionate about people.  He is quirky and complex about routine.  He is smart and stubborn.  He is quick witted and energetic.  Even more so, he loves the Lord.  So as we adventure into the world of abc's and 123's, we joyfully embrace this stage of life.

Samuel with his friend Ricardo walking to school on the first day.


Lots of new changes, but Daddy is there each step of the way.

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mom said...

Aww..makes me sad all over again. Our baby is growing up! And he's so cute I don't blame little Wendy for having a crush on him!