Tuesday, August 23, 2011


There are people that we meet along our walks of life that leave a lasting impression from the moment you meet them.  That is what Emma has done with me.  I know that it may seem that I should say that because she is my daughter, but I believe that my life it vastly different because of the passion flows out of her.  She has vitality that is captivating.  Every move that she makes is as if she is in an orchestrated dance.  It is as if Emma feels every movement within the deepest core of who she is and who she will be.  Emma inspires me to love life.  She teaches me to laugh despite making a mistake, and even that it is okay to cry with real tears.  Emma has a gently, but fiery spirit.  One that I know can only come from the Lord.  She listens intently, as though she is reaching into your soul to hear the words you are speaking.  She is beautiful inwardly as much as outwardly.  God's grace reaches deep into her heart, and she knows that He is her maker.

Emma turned 3 a month ago.  She had a princess tea party.  We had some very special guests that came to celebrate with her.  Currently Emma is into all things girly.  She loves to dress up, fix her hair, wear make-up, and wear high heels.  She is taking dance classes, which she loves!  Also, she starts preschool next week.  We have so many changes going on in the Blackwood home that it is hard to keep up with it all.  So...maybe these photographs will help tell some stories that I have forgotten to write about.

Slip-N-Slide with Daddy and Samuel

Dress up with friends

Caught a not so amused Emmabug

Loves to paint (aka pank)

Silly faces
Best babysitter ever

Sand Angel

<3 the beach

Sibling love


Her fav


Just jump


Life when jumping together

Girl Cousins Rule!

Tough Spidey

Queen Grandma and Princess

Nana Royalty

Princess Tea

Teacup Milkshakes by my Daddy


Chocolate Haze



Brenda loving!




mom said...

So, so precious! Growing up with lots of love! Great job!

Aunt Bebe said...

Jessica, You have the most beautiful children. You capture their vitality and joy of life so well in pictures and in words.