Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My baby is a few days away from being ONE year old!!  Time has flown by with Sophia.  I love that baby!!  I did not know what joy she would bring into my life as my heart healed from our miscarriage.  She by no means replaced the child that we lost, but God's timing throughout each part of the pregnancy was so strategic that David and I could not have planned out those blessings ourselves.

Healing from the c-section with Sophia was more difficult than with the other two.  Samuel was a breeze, and Emma was okay...but with Sophia, I was in so much pain.  I went home a day early from the hospital just so I could be in pain alone in my own bedroom!  I have learned a lot about myself after having Sophia.  Some are good and some are bad.  I will blog more about this soon, but back to Phee for now.

Sophia was a loving and cuddly baby from the beginning.  She slept good, cried little, and curious a lot.  She truly loves Samuel and Emma.  Her face lights up immediately whenever she sees them.  However, now she is demanding to have her own space and to be allowed to do what she wants.  She smiles often, showing her recently gained four front teeth.  We have seen a large improvement in her health and speech since she got tubes in late April.  Sophia "talks" as much as everyone else in her family.  Here are some of the words she can say:  daddy, mama, emma, thank you, bye bye, uh oh, doggie, egg, up, and a few more.  She is crawling around everywhere and has been for a few months now.  She is cruising on anything that can hold her weight, and is appearing to attempt climbing soon.  She is completely off of the bottle and formula.  Sophia is a wonderful eater, and loves it!  She eats table food, and still occasionally some baby food.  She is learning to clasp her hands for prayers, and loves to hear Samuel and Emma sing the blessing.  She is also into books right now.

Sophia's middle name is Rain.  We picked it because of the spiritual implications that rain has throughout the Bible.  Rain can be so powerful.  It can be cleansing; it can quench draught; it can change surfaces into something completely new; it can also be fierce against structures that are weak and in need of renewal.  All of these things we desire for Sophia to know of the Lord and traits for her to live out in her own life.  Sophia has been a fresh rain of blessings within our family, and we are eager to see the winds of change in her life as she continues to grow in life and love.

First snow and we had over 8 inches

Uncle Harris


First food-rice cereal

Easter with Nana

Pulling up on everything


Sweet baby girl

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mom said...

I absolutely love those pics! She is such a sweetie! God brought her right on time :)